Hundred Word Shortie

The white hair and beard, I can’t help. The round belly, perhaps. The red shirt, I admit, was a mistake.

I didn’t know my new neighbour had moved in, and worse yet…

“Look, Mummy! Santa!” screeched thirty pounds of unrestrained, dirty boy. I noticed most of my plants were shredded wherever he’d reached through the fence.

From bad beginnings, it’s escalated. Ignore him as I might, Kid’s taunted, thrown things, and damaged my garden whenever he can.

Okay. I guess I can be Santa if I must. This paint set has a big tube of red that doesn’t wash out…

2 thoughts on “Hundred Word Shortie”

    1. Tragedy enough in 100 words, perhaps.

      Kid can find his own way down the inevitable path to the local Magistrate’s Court, and beyond, without help.

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